Apps to generate nude photos shock women

22. 10. 2023 | Natalie Bezděková

Apps to generate fake nude photos have also affected women in the Czech Republic. Dozens of women have come forward with their experiences. Two women were more open about the topic.

One of the victims, twenty-four-year-old influencer Victoriya Michshenko, learned about the artificial nude image circulating about her on Telegram by accident. The photo, which was posted there, was downloaded from her social media profile. In the original photo, she was wearing a purple dress, but in the edited image, created by artificial intelligence, she appeared completely naked.

Another victim was twenty-one-year-old influencer Sophie Sharlak, who also posts on social media. She was contacted by a man who first sent a vulgar message and later claimed he could create a nude photo of her using artificial intelligence. The man’s profile was later deleted, but Sophie posted a copy of the conversation on her profile.

These cases show how easy it is to create fake nude photos thanks to the technologies available on the internet. Although the publication of these photographs is not in itself a criminal offence in the Czech Republic, it can still qualify as an offence against civil coexistence. The police point out that it is necessary for the victim to report the publication of the photographs and must feel that it constitutes harm.

Psychologists warn that such experiences can have serious psychological consequences, especially for young people who are still building their identity. Abuse of their image online can lead to social withdrawal, anxiety and depression.

The police are not yet in a position to provide preventive advice because the applications for generating such photos are very advanced and can work with a minimal amount of source data. The best protection remains contacting your friends, informing them of the situation and reassuring them that you are not in the photos.

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