Apple strengthens iMessage security against the threat of quantum computers

23. 02. 2024 | Natalie Bezděková

US technology firm Apple, best known for its innovative products, is now focusing on improving its encryption system for its popular iMessage service. The move comes in response to growing concerns about potential threats from quantum computers.

Quantum computers represent a new era in computing. Their ability to crack complex ciphers and codes much faster than traditional computers poses new cybersecurity challenges and threats to technology companies.

Apple has in the past prided itself on the fact that its iMessage communications platform used end-to-end encryption, meaning that data transmission was secure against eavesdropping by both the communications channel provider and Apple’s servers. However, with growing concerns over the advancement of quantum computing, the company decided to move to a higher level of encryption. The newly introduced PQ3 quantum cryptography generates an individual key for each message that is in no way associated with the previous key. After successful decryption, this key is immediately deleted, minimizing the risk of attacks on older messages.

This step should strengthen the protection of iMessage communications and ensure user privacy. Apple claims that its encryption algorithms are among the most advanced on the market and that no evidence of successful cracking has yet been found.

However, concerns remain about the potential weakening of protection by quantum computers. Government officials and cyber experts warn that if quantum computers become widely available and their performance increases, they could seriously compromise current encryption mechanisms.

Other technology firms, such as Signal, are also making efforts to strengthen their encryption methods in response to the rapid development of quantum computers. Apple is thus taking important steps to protect the privacy of its users and ensure the security of their communications in the digital environment, while trying to keep pace with the ever-evolving technological landscape and the challenges of the future.

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