Apple launches revolutionary Vision Pro glasses: a new era of augmented reality!

7. 02. 2024 | Natalie Bezděková

Friday marked the official launch of Apple’s new augmented reality glasses, albeit only in the USA for now. The American tech giant is entering a completely new chapter of business with the Vision Pro glasses, which are the first entirely new product since the debut of the Apple Watch in 2015. Expectations for the positive reception of the Vision Pro glasses on the market are high, despite their ambitious price tag of $3499 in the USA.

While several competitors, such as Microsoft, have previously released augmented reality glasses, none have made a significant breakthrough in the market. However, Apple has a reputation for turning existing products into phenomena, as seen with the iPhone’s success despite the existence of smartphones with operating systems before its launch.

The Vision Pro glasses feature a range of sophisticated sensors, allowing users to control them with gestures, voice commands, and even eye movements. During demonstrations, users could simply look at an icon to highlight it or use hand gestures to interact with virtual objects, captured by the built-in cameras and transferred to the virtual world.

Apple has integrated the glasses with its entire ecosystem, allowing seamless interaction with Mac, iPhone, iPad, iCloud, and Apple Watch. Instead of staring at a small device screen, users can now have multiple virtual screens in front of them, effectively creating a virtual office environment. Additionally, users can type on a virtual keyboard or use real peripherals such as a Bluetooth keyboard, mouse, or touchpad.

The glasses also offer the ability to create a virtual home theater experience, ideal for watching favorite shows or movies, as well as supporting FaceTime calls. Apple claims that the glasses are suitable not only for home use but also for travel.

As for the global release, the timing remains uncertain. The initial launch occurred only in the USA, with no official statement from Apple regarding availability in other parts of the world. Medium suggests a slow rollout, with users in the UK and Canada potentially waiting until the end of 2024, and Europeans, including Czechs, possibly waiting until early 2025. However, there’s a possibility of a new generation of glasses from Apple arriving this year, potentially delaying the release of the Vision Pro glasses in some regions. If the glasses do become available in the Czech Republic, consumers should anticipate a higher price, likely exceeding 90,000 CZK after VAT.

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