Amazon has stated that “within months,” it will employ drones to deliver products to consumers

30. 12. 2022 | Itech9642

It showcased its newest version at a convention in Las Vegas, highlighting the machine’s capacity to detect impediments including humans, pets, and clotheslines.

According to Amazon CEO Jeff Wilke, the drone will be able to go 15 miles to deliver products weighing 5lbs (2.3kg) or less. Mr Wilke did not specify where or when the first drone deliveries will take place throughout the world. The US Federal Aviation Administration, on the other hand, told that it has granted Amazon permission to operate the drone in the US. “The FAA gave Amazon Prime Air a Special Airworthiness Certificate allowing the business to operate its MK27 unmanned aircraft for research and development and crew training in permitted flight locations,” according to the regulator.

“Amazon Prime Air intends to utilize the plane to launch a package delivery service in the United States. This certificate is valid for one year and can be renewed.” Amazon has already been accused of leveraging the promise of drone delivery as a headline-grabber to promote its Prime membership program. However, in December 2016, the business conducted what appeared to be a successful experiment in Cambridge, UK. In 13 minutes, a delivery was delivered by drone.

Amazon exhibited the drone that would be deployed on stage during the company’s “Re:Mars” conference, which highlighted the company’s efforts in machine learning, robotics, automation, and space. It has six rotors and uses data from optical, thermal, and ultrasonic sensors to “see” what’s around it. The company stated that it had constructed a drone with various redundancies for avoiding obstacles even if its link failed. “Some drones are autonomous, but they cannot respond to unforeseen events, relying solely on communication networks for situational awareness,” Mr Wilke explained. “If our drone’s flight environment changes, or if the mission requires it to come into touch with an object that was not before there, it will reject – it is independently safe.”

Mr Wilke stated that the drone’s design had been modified “been optimized to avoid invasive, high-frequency noises”.


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