A revolution in home quiet-hacking has come up with a solution to muffle your neighbours’ music

5. 03. 2024 | Natalie Bezděková

Everyday reality for apartment dwellers: the piercing sound of loud music from neighbours disturbing your peace is a common nuisance. But how to deal with it?

Enter programmer Roni Bandini, who has faced a similar problem. His noisy neighbours were playing Reggaeton, which annoyed him. Roni, being a handy programmer, decided to find a solution using a Raspberry Pi module and created a noise canceller. This device detects disturbing music and blocks the signal to the speakers from which the music is playing.

The device is powered by a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ single board microcomputer, to which is connected a display for input and a USB microphone for sound detection. Once Roni’s algorithm detects loud Reggaeton music, the device emits interference waves that disrupt the Bluetooth signal transmitting the music to the speakers. As a result, the sound slows down and distorts, making it impossible to listen to. While Roni acknowledges that the device isn’t perfect and doesn’t always work completely reliably, especially if it’s not placed in close proximity to the speakers, it has proven to be a sophisticated solution to his problem with his neighbors’ loud music, even when there’s only one wall between them.

Photo source: www.pexels.com

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