A record jackpot has been hit in the USA. The winner won over 1.58 billion dollars

10. 08. 2023 | Kristýna Bezděková

On Tuesday night, a record Mega Millions jackpot fell in the United States. The jackpot reached 1.58 billion dollars. The winning ticket was sold in Florida.

The lucky winner of the record jackpot hit all six winning numbers and also cashed in on the Megaplier feature. The stake in the Mega Millions lottery does not have to be very high. The basic bet costs just two dollars and the Megaplier costs an additional dollar.

According to US lottery rules, the new billionaire can have his entire winnings sent to him in regular annual instalments, or he can withdraw a greatly reduced amount in one lump sum. In this case, it would be $783.3 million.

In the same draw as the record jackpot, there were also seven so-called second prizes, valued at the same $1 million. According to Fox News, it was the third time this year that someone won the jackpot.

The first time was on April 14, when the jackpot was worth $483 million, and the second time just four days later. In this case, however, the winner could also talk about some bad luck, because after the previous win the jackpot amount dropped to “only” the basic $20 million.


Source, photo: foxnews.com

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