8 tips for handy search engines that Google is short on! Do you know them all?

6. 04. 2023 | Kristýna Bezděková

We can all agree that the most popular and most used search engine is Google. But have you heard of specialized search engines that could offer you much more relevant information? Let us introduce you to some great search engines that specialize in books, science, and more. We’d love it if you could give us feedback on whether any of them have helped you.

  1. Over a billion academic resources: refseek.com
  2. Search content from 20,000 global libraries: worldcat.org
  3. Scholarly documents, including books and articles (more than 10 million): springer.com
  4. Library of biological journals: bioline.org.br
  5. 4 million publications from volunteers around the world: repec.org
  6. U.S. government search engine for more than 2,200 science sites: science.gov
  7. The largest site for free PDF book downloads (over 225 million titles): pdfdrive.com
  8. The most powerful search engine for academic research texts (more than 100 million scientific articles): base-search.net

Source, photo: pixabay

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